Journal description

The journal «Material and Mechanical Engineering Technology» is the leading publication in the field of materials science and mechanical engineering. It was newly founded. The journal was founded in January 2019.

Frequency – 4 issues per year.

Distribution regions – European and American countries, Vietnam, China, Japan, Russia, CIS.

The goal of Journal «Material and Mechanical Engineering Technology» is the publication of scientific achievements in the field of innovative technologies in mechanical engineering and new materials.

Journal «Material and Mechanical Engineering Technology» publishes original articles that help to understand as the fundamental foundations of engineering sciences, and their applications for solving problems of mechanical engineering systems, machines and parts. This is especially true of demonstrating engineering and technical solutions to specific industrial problems. The journal covers the development of engineering technology, the development, creation, introduction of new technology, new technologies, new materials. The journal publishes articles on the experience of implementing industrial robots, CAD. Much attention is paid to the processing of metals by pressure and tribotechnology.

Main themes:

  • Technologies of mechanical engineering;
  • Design, calculation, testing, reliability of machines;
  • Modeling of technological processes of material processing (CAD / CAE);
  • Mechanisms: analysis; design; characteristics; work;
  • Metallurgical equipment and rolling production;
  • Transport and hoisting-and-transport mechanical engineering
  • Dynamic systems: vibrations (rotating and piston machines); acoustics; robotics; control; identification; optimization;
  • Materials: characteristics and behavior; production; designing the structure;
  • Tribology: fundamental aspects of the engineering science of lubrication, friction and wear.

Editorial board of the journal

  1. Gulnara Zhetessova (Karaganda State technical University, Kazakhstan)
  2. Alexander Korsunsky (University of Oxford, England)
  3. Olegas Cernasejus (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania)
  4. Jaroslav Jerz (Institute of Materials & Machine Mechanics SAS, Slovakia)
  5. Boris Moyzes (Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia)
  6. Nikolai Belov (National Research Technological University «Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys”, Russia)
  7. Georgi Popov (Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria)
  8. Sergiy Antonyuk (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
  9. Zharkynay Christian (University of Texas at Dallas Institute of Nanotechnology, USA)
  10. Katica Simunovic (University of Slavonski Brod , Croatia)
  11. Lesley D.Frame (School of Engeneering University of Connecticute, USA)
  12. Łukasz Gierz (Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
  13. Łukasz Warguła (Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
  14. Olga Zharkevich (Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan)